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Special pages are Offsite tutorials and Video tutorials that hierarchically contain links to tutorials hosted on external sites. A useful source of video tutorials is of course also a FreeCAD keyword search on YouTube.

Designing (modeling) for 3D printing

Home of Heritage Collegiate's Robotics Class


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Freecad course - Assembly, examle: plastic casing

Freecad course - Assembly, example: fidget spinner

Freecad course – screw

Freecad course – dumbbell

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Create the Part you need in FreeCAD

Here is short list of the latest FreeCAD video tutorials created by Martham Engineering and bram de vries

Become a CAD user in 30 minutes with Free CAD


FreeCAD - CAD Challenge #25 - Octahedron Madness (έτσι κι έτσι..) 

FreeCAD Lofting Sketches 

Tutorial: Edit a 3D STL from Thingiverse with FreeCAD 

Free CAD Software 

FreeCAD - Tutorial - Modifying .stl / import, modify and export. 

FreeCAD Tutorial Part 7 Exercise 1B 

FreeCAD - Use Draft Workbench to make Ribbon Shape 

FreeCAD 3D Glass | Revolve Command | Basic Tutorial 

FreeCAD - 3 Ways to Extrude 

FreeCAD Text string in shapes 

Simple Key Chain Model in FreeCAD 

FreeCAD Tutorial Part 3: Images: Creating/Editing/Importing 

Using FreeCAD for a 3D printing project 

FreeCAD Tutorial: How to Create a Bend Surface 

From FreeCAD To The Real World 

FreeCAD Wiki - Draft Shapestring Tutorial 

FreeCAD - Text ( Shapestring ) 


Task 7: FreeCAD Tutorial Part 8 Sweep and Loft Utility 

Let's Learn: FreeCAD under 1hr [1] - Basic Sketching and Constaints 

FreeCAD Parametric Curve Macro 


FreeCAD crude milling simulation

FreeCAD: What is easier to bend: a hollow tube or solid rod? 

FreeCAD for Dummies: Edit object colours, save to png

FreeCad-Draft Modul 

What is freeCAD Motion? 

FreeCAD Tutorial - Draft Workbench and Extrude to make Curved Shapes Fonts

Freecad tutorial - Getting started | Draft Move tool (quick overview) - part 01_10

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